INSPEKTOR Software Installation Instructions

Each software package is specific to the INSPEKTOR CT Monitor or Controller model that you have.

Choose the corresponding folder to the model you have.

  • Open Downloaded INSPEKTOR Software
  • Open Compressed (zipped) Folder
  • Open CT10 Soft Folder
  • Open LYA (C, D)_INSPEKTOR_Viewer
  • Open setup.exe
  • Follow the Wizard
  • Return to CT10 Soft Folder
  • Open LYA (C, D) INSPEKTOR Driver
  • Select the LYA (C, D) Driver Folder
    • select x64 or x86 installer based on your computer system
  • Open setup.exe
  • Follow the Wizard to install

Once the software is installed, the CT Monitor must be connected with the proper cable to the computer with the new software. Turn the monitor on and then double-click the desktop LYA (C, D) icon. If the icon is not on the desktop then it is in the Fujikura folder in Applications Folder.